Choosing Exterior Siding Contractors

Searching for Siding Contractors? Ask These Key Questions  

Replacing the siding on a property might look easy, but it’s actually a complicated process that requires special equipment, advanced skills, and lots of time. So, instead of attempting to tackle this project on your own, your best move is to call a professional siding contractor. You’ll find the right exterior siding specialists by asking these questions:

Are you insured?

Ask your siding contractor if they have public liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance and other types of cover. By choosing a fully insured company, you’ll be free from liability if property damage or bodily injuries would occur while the company is removing your old siding or installing the new materials.

What materials do you usually work with?

If you’ve already chosen a siding material to use for your project, you need to ensure that your contractor is familiar with it and knows how to install it properly. This way, you’re assured that your siding replacement project will be successful and that you’ll see the best possible results.

Can you provide at least five references?

Reputable siding contractors know that their customers are happy with their service quality and mostly have good things to say about them, which is why they’ll readily provide their references to those who ask. Be wary of contractors who hesitate to provide references or say that they don’t have any; they’re probably new in the siding installation industry and don’t have lots of experience, or they might be hiding failed projects and unhappy customers.

Find the right exterior siding contractor by asking the questions listed above! If you live in Lake Ozark, MO, you don’t have to look far since K.G.B Exteriors & Construction, LLC is always ready to assist you with your siding installation project. Reach out to us today at (573) 280-6972 and book an appointment with our siding specialists!