Your Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that replacing the siding is among the remodeling projects with the highest ROI? It is a type of improvement that K.G.B Exteriors & Construction, LLC will be honored to handle for you. Our siding contractor is in Lake Ozark, MO. Look at our list of frequently asked questions from clients in the area.

What types of siding do you install?

Our company mainly specializes in the installation of wood, cedar, and vinyl siding. We also carry out the upfront inspection, surface preparation, and fitting itself. We can repair your cladding material, as well.

Do you have the necessary skills and proficiency?

Our company has over 30 years of experience in the local industry. We are equipped to meet your needs and organize your project to ensure your new siding is installed quickly and precisely. Our services guarantee perfect color matching, and we will address all the damaged areas of your exterior siding.

Can you give me a free estimate?

Of course. Just fill in the form you see on our website or give us a call.

We are planning to sell our property. Is upgrading the siding going to increase its resale value?

Definitely! Siding replacement is a significant investment, but this decision does increase the property value of your home and can lead to more prospective buys and secure the sale price. After all, what better way to get a quick return on your investment after you sell your house?

Why do I have to consider such a complex project?

K.G.B Exteriors & Construction, LLC always advises their customers to pay special attention to the cladding material of their property as it plays a paramount role in its curb appeal, energy efficiency and gives your house a whole new look. It will protect the home from elements and help reduce energy costs.

What is vinyl siding?

Modern vinyl siding consists of two layers – the top, a surface layer resistant to UV rays, and the bottom, a substrate layer made with limestone for reinforcement.

How do I choose the material?

The right option can dramatically change your exterior’s appearance, so this matter shouldn’t be ignored. When making a choice, there are five factors to consider – water resistance, ease of installation, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and durability. If you need advice and further details, call our company in Lake Ozark, MO now.

What are your working hours?

Our contractor operates 7-days a week from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Why would I select cedar shake siding?

It is one of the most desired materials on the market at the moment. If you prefer the look of natural wood, you will love this alternative. It is a stunning type of siding that needs very little maintenance. Our experts install the cedar shakes without the gaps or openings for bugs, mildew, and mold.

You may have additional questions about vinyl house siding, our price list, working methods, and other matters. Our professionals will take the time and sit and talk to you. Just give us a call at (573) 280-6972 for any inquiries. We will be happy to reveal the specifics of our job to you.

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